Super Springs Hoverkart


The Super Springs Hoverkart

The Super Springs Hoverkart is now on sale! What sets the super springs hoverkart different from the other hoverkarts… First of all, it's perfect due to its larger size and sturdy frame, perfect for kids and adults to ride on, everyone can have a go-karting fun time. It has a larger seat in comparison to the racer hoverboard bundle. The super springs suspension gives you a safer and smoother ride. The larger wheel allows you to move quicker and faster, just like an actual car!

Super Springs Hoverkart Overview

  • Compatible with 6.5 inch, 8 inch and 10 inch two wheeled hoverboards
  • Extendable Frame for different user heights
  • Single strut framed Hoverkart (1 bar)
  • CE Approved Racing Bucket Seat
  • Max Weight – 220lbs or 100kg
  • Maximum speed of 12 Mph
  • Off Road Wheels
  • Super SAFTEY Springs
  • Comfortable ride, saving you from bumps and bad roads!

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Super Springs Hoverkart