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What Size Should I Buy?

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4.5 inches wheel

Designed specifically for kids, the 4.5 inches wheel is a perfect hoverboard size for riders aged between 5 and 9. These hoverboards usually come with a weight range of 10 kgs to 60 kgs. However, the hoverboard goes at only 5 km/hr, which is half the speed as compared to the 6.5 inches sized one. This is done due to safety reasons so that the kids don't get hurt. These hoverboards are ideal for kids as they are easy to learn, lightweight, and can run for one to three hours depending on the charge.

6.5 inches wheel

The 6.5 inches is the standard wheel size for hoverboard and the one you will get most often in the market. The motor of the 6.5 inches hoverboard is that of 250w to 350 w and goes at a speed of 10 km/hr. The hoverboard weighs double than the 4.5 inch one. It can go on for 2-4 hours without charging. This hoverboard is usually used as a beginner board by kids and adults alike and is very easy to step on and off from.

8 inches wheel

The slightly larger wheels than the 6.5 inches hoverboard allows the 8 inches one to go faster. The hoverboards are focused at kids over 10 years of age as these provide an extra base for the foot to adjust. However, it doesn’t offer any more features than the 6.5 inches one.

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