Where can i see your trading timeline?

You can visit instagram and search 'iRollers' or 'Hover Disco', there you will see many photos of our stock and all of hoveboard riders enjoying a disco at one of our venues.

How easy is it to ride a iRoller Hoverboard?

Easy, practice makes perfect, our tip is when stepping on the board is to stand straight, if the board starts to wobble step of it immediately as the first you get on a iRoller you will feel like your feet are stuck to the board, simply lift you foot one at a time off the board when un-mounting.

How easy is it to book a Hoverboard repair?

As simple as it can be use our online booking or call us on 01384 931995, using our phone service 90% of the time we can give you a cost over the phone, unlike the new Hoverboard repairers we do not push you to send the board to us and then give you the price, cornering you into taking out our service.

You can also bring your board to our repair centre. 

What is the warranty on iRoller Hoverboards?

We offer a 12 month warranty on all our board which covers you for all electronic circuits like the logic board and wheel motors, on the battery we offer a 6 month warranty as the battery should always be kept part too fully charged, we do not cover chassis's (the internal metal of the board) which can only break due to misuse (example: dropped of kerbs or dropped) , we also do not cover against water damage (Hoverboards are not waterproof in any way shape or form)

Where are you based?

We are based in the heart of the West Midlands, our warehouse comprises of a repair shop, offices and storage for our iRollers and Flash Wear light up shoes.

Why are iRollers the best boards to buy?

Any electronic you buy the most important thing is aftercare, all electronics can malfunction fact, we pride ourselves on supplying the general public quality swegways and transparent knowledge of the circuitry inside our boards.

Bought a Hoverboard from elsewhere can you offer advice?

Yes of course, please do not hesitate to ring us, we do not push anyone into booking a repair, when we diagnose your board over the phone we give you a cost right away even though we as a company know you will then compare us with our competitors.

I bought a board from elsewhere and need a repair report?

No problem, we do reports and offer the best deal ever, we charge a fee of and if you have the repair carried out after you have been reimbursed by the bank we knock the fee off your repair. 

What batteries are in iRoller Hoverboards?

We use real samsung celled batteries, we spot check all our internal shipments to make sure our customers get what we advertise.

Lets give you our knowledge, Samsung do not make hoverboard batteries, its true they make cells in which a factory use to make a battery pack, on average a samsung celled battery trade price costs around 48 - 54 pounds. feel free to go on a overseas site like alibaba and search 'samsung hoverboard battery', any company offering a hoverboard with a smasung battery for £100-£140 pounds cannot have a samsung celled battery unless they are giving them away.

What venues do you do your Hoverboard disco's at?

We are proud of our Hoverboard disco's, with over 9000 riders through our venue doors and in our opinion the most exciting social team building activity to do, our discos consist of free training followed by a full black out (lights out) disco with the latest music and a thumping 3000 watt sound system. 

Should i wear any protective gear when riding a Hoverboard?

Yes, we recommend the minimum of a helmet and wrist guards as most of the time the only way you will fall off a Hoverboard is backwards so protecting your wrists and head is most important. 

I am still unsure whether to buy?

That is completely the right way to be!, feel free to visit us again or call us ON 01384 931995 for more information about our iRoller Hoverboards.