There are a lot of boards online, but how do you know which boards are safe for riding? We’ve seen a lot of boards that come to our repair shop, and we can spot a lower quality board. Although they all look the same, what’s inside is going to determine the life of your Hoverboard.

Most boards we’ve seen with the most common issues usually cost the customer between £100 – £160. These boards usually don’t come with a warranty, and are built with lower quality parts. We provide a free check of your board.

Here is a photo with a logic board and balance sensor where the fuse has blown.

If you have to open up your board, and notice that there is not a main logic board, that is a sign that the quality in parts may be a lower quality. When everything is crammed into one main unit, most likely it’s not safe. It can hold to much charge, and cause the capacitor to overheat or fuse.

(please note we can rebuild your hoverboard if you have this bad circuitry by taking all circuits out and replacing them with ours, please call for details and pricing)


As everyone loves a bargain it has led to people buying cheap copies and very low quality boards with bad circuitry, Now there has been cases of them setting on fire and also exploding due to over charging. 

Our advice is never leave them charging for more then 2 hours 30 minutes from time you switch it on from the plug socket, Never leave your board charging overnight or unattended .

Overcharging will make the battery get hot and swell. (just like putting to much air in a balloon).

The plug as shown in the picture to the right should be fused with a 3 amp fuse.

Exploding hoverboards is a little drastic as over 1 million hoverboards have been sold worldwide with 4 cases of fire.

lithium i-on batteries are very temperamental correct use and using general common sense when charging will help.

Checking your Hoverboard is SAFE!

Please Take our advise ! 

If your plug is (clover shaped) please cut if off and stop using immediately, You can purchase a new charger or replace it with a fused plug,we recommend using a 3 amp fuse. whether it has been purchased from the likes of harrods or amazon.

Never leave the battery on charge over night after a maximum of 2 hours 30 minutes if the charger light has not turned to green, turn it off and plug it out of the wall, as over charging it will cause damage and injury.

The boards internally there are two types of logic boards , one type is very unstable and a cheap substitute.

Please note when we repair your board we cannot change your plug as it would make us liable, we can only supply brand new sealed chargers which are fan assisted to keep the thermal cut out at a regulated temperature. 


Be safe.


To Book your hoverboard in now.

Just simply call 

Speak to one of our friendly helpful staff and we will do the rest.

We will take time to discuss your problem and guide you through our service once we receive your board to give it a free assessment you are in no way obliged to have it done, we can simply return it for no extra cost.