First the story...

In 2015 we bought 10 Hoverboards knowing nothing about them except they were about to trend all across the UK.

Firstly as big kids we are , we did an extreme road test (11 miles) soon to find the 2015 models would break within a week.

What did we do?..... Stop selling Hoverboards

As every online merchant, shop retailer and even joe down the pub was selling them, we decided instead of selling them we would learn every possible thing about the workings of the components inside.

We built a website and branded it 'iRollers' unknown at the time that we would be after Christmas 2015 the only repair service in the UK offering Hoverboard repairs.

iRollers was born, and here in 2018 we can proudly say we know everything about Hoverboards.

Every website will promise the world, we have seen the biggest companies rise and fall to the ground , i myself use to be repairing boards for the suppliers of harrods and think this could have been me supplying them better boards and envy the money they were creating, but soon when i saw them crash to the ground realised i took iRollers in the right direction.... Know your product.

If you decide to buy from elsewhere please do one check, call the company and check if anyone answers there customer service number... if they do not answer it is fair to say if it breaks there is no aftercare.

Our Promise:

  • Warranty (straight forward of whats covered and not)
  • Aftercare (a real phone number we have had on for 4 years)
  • Extensive Knowledge of the workings of our iRoller Hoverboards
  • Real Samsung Celled Batteries (Samsung do not make batteries)
  • Fast Dispatch (24hr Parcel Force Tracked Delivery)
  • Quality Hoverboards With The Best Circuitry.

Please feel free to contact us via phone or email if you have any questions whether its about a purchase or just a simple bit of advice about your hoverboard whether bought form us or a third party.


Hoverdisco Limited Trading as iRollers