Graffiti White X LED Hip Hop Yellow Bundle

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Diligent Tech Hoverboard Bundle SALE now on!

Transform the Hip Hop Yellow LED Hoverboard into a Graffiti White Monster GoKart in seconds with the UK’s best voted hoverkart of the year 2018.

The Graffiti White X Hip Hop Yellow LED Hoverboard Bundle is suitable for indoor and outdoor uses. Perfect for any occasion and any age range!

The awesome 2019 Hoverboard bundle includes a fast and sleek hoverboard, built in speakers with a Bluetooth enabled system build in so music can be streamed and the LATEST monster hoverkart.


Key features

  • Ultra-long 1 to 2 hour ride time from a single 2 hour charge
  • Awesome fast speed of 12 KM/H Speed
  • Weight limit of 100kg
  • Led Key path indicators
  • Bluetooth enabled system
  • Smooth motor technology of 250x2 Watts.
  • UK Approved Charger
  • Awesome sleek colour


Bundle includes

  • Ultra-New Hoverboard
  • Monster Hoverkart
  • UK Charger
  • UK Manual
  • UK Customer Support
  • FREE UK Shipping
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Graffiti White X LED Hip Hop Yellow Bundle